The Second Short Story

Volume II of The Penrose Archival is out! The Blackblood’s Hand is a story that follows Princess Krisita of Klazedor, and the men who pursue her hand in marriage. Here is a short synopsis:

Princess Krisita has refused every man offered to her, apart from one. But Ilyar is a former slave, entirely unfit for the role of Emperor. However, since Krisita’s father is near death, he decides that a duel should appease his stubborn daughter. If the slave can defeat the Legendary Borbeast Slayer, a mighty warrior named Zolan, then she and the nation of Klazedor might as well have him. As the duel nears, sinister threats loom over the princess and her two dueling suitors. What will prevail: might, cunning, or love?

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Also, I hope you will read Volume I: The Stronghold Heir if you haven’t had the chance yet. You don’t need to read it first, but some of the characters make an appearance in both stories, and in the book to come. You’ll get that link when signing up too!