Indie Nexus

Welcome to the Indie Nexus. Nexus means connection, so here you will find different ways to support and be a part of a vibrant community of readers and authors.

The Indie Nexus exists in three parts: one, as an online bookstore where you can browse and purchase self-published works in one place. Two, as a compilation of author websites where you can connect with authors directly. And three, as a Discord server, where we interact as a group of book-loving people.

Below, you’ll find the link to the bookstore as well as the list of self-published authors by genre of their most popular work. Some authors are yet to be published. Some authors do not have their work listed in the Indie Nexus bookstore and are indicated by an *asterisk. Their books can be purchased through the link provided.

If you’d like an invite to the Discord server (whether you’re a reader, author, or book professional) email me at:

Indie Nexus Bookstore

Aerio is a bookselling platform that allows me to curate and sell books. As a seller, I may receive a small profit from the sale with permission from the author. This does not affect the author’s profit! It’s a great way to support both me and the author you’re buying from. The books on the Indie Nexus will never be listed for higher than original price.


Renee Dugan

Nix Damon*

Kirsten Krueger*

Beth Alvarez

Pemberley Quinn*

Science Fiction

Julia Scott

Angelina Singer


Holly Ducarte

Sarah Sutton

Writers to be Published

Sania Jain

Varrick Kwang

Cait-Elise Vandiver


Becca Harris