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reviews for joy’s summer love playlist

“This book grabbed my attention immediately, the characters speaking loud and clear across every page and dripping in so much realism, I expected to look up and see them standing next to me. This book had every adorable thing that makes me fangirl like a twelve year old girl, without being weighed down by the pointless drama so many book in this genre suffer from. This book is everything YA romance tries to be, but unlike most, this book DELIVERS. Never once was this book a chore to read–I couldn’t put it down, I finished it in only a few days and mourned the ending because I didn’t want it to be over!”

— Benét Stoen, author of The Heir

“If you’re looking for something FUN and SWEET and LIGHT, look no further!! Piper Bee has a way of writing that captures emotion and turns then into color – vibrant hues of love, confusion, grief, trauma, and effusive joy. How? How did she make such a loveable protagonist AND make me feel and think EVERYTHING the protagonist felt or thought? I was immersed, engulfed, and very happy about it.”

— Nix Damon, author of Moira


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