I’m publishing my book… again, but better!

BIG NEWS! ACTUALLY TWO BIG NEWSES! First big news: I'm hosting an ebook giveaway for Joy's Summer Love Playlist so you can get a copy FOR FREE! 100 ebooks will go out to winners, so unless this thing takes off, your chances of winning are pretty solid! Entries start tomorrow!! **Here is the link for [...]

How to get free books + support the authors

Hey there! I'm planning to make my ebook available for $0.99 from August 8th-31st! I also have signed misprints up for sale. Purchase here. Here is a PSA about reading pirated copies of ebooks----> DON'T! Did you know there are lots of ways you could potentially get your hands on a free book? It's true! [...]

July JSLP Giveaways and Deals!

Free and cheap books?? YES PLEASE! I'm so excited to share some of the ways you can get your hands on my debut novel Joy's Summer Love Playlist during the month of July! Me & My (book) Babies! Kindle Countdown Deal Discounted ebook July 3rd-8th! Here's the link to the ebook. Starting July 3rd at [...]

Why I Released My Book Early

Hello reader friends! Welcome to another episode of Amateur Hour with Piper Bee. Okay, all jokes aside, I want to apologize for pretending even a tiny smidge that I knew what I was talking about when it came to pre-orders and self-publishing. I do not. (But to be fair, I did warn you.) Now for [...]

Character Profiles from my Debut Novel + Book Cover!

GUYS. Joy's Summer Love Playlist has been edited and it's going into formatting as soon as I finish proofreading. OMGOMGOMG! Each step is as exciting as walking into Disneyland, like... it's awesome! Also, here is the GORGEOUS AND ADORABLE cover by artist Amelia Buff! She's such an amazing person, y'all. I could not be more [...]

Debut Novel Release Schedule

Joy's Summer Love Playlist is a sweet summertime love story set against songs that capture Joy's summer vibes. I wrote the first draft in March of 2019 in about 8 days, but the final product has deviated quite a lot, in a good way. I chose this book as my debut novel because it's ready [...]