Indie Book Gifting Series: Part One

Gifting doesn't need an occasion, but with Christmas season nearing ever closer, I thought now would be a wonderful time to create a list of Indie Books that would be perfect for many kinds of book-lovers! This is part one of the Indie Book Gifting Series. (And here is Part Two and Part Three.) This [...]

Book Review: Finding God in Anime

“We need to harness what we are given, nerdy hobbies and all, and show the world that we are weird and we are loved by God. If we can do that with our actions and our words, then we can influence the world around us in a positive and righteous way.”E.N. Chaffin on Princess Jellyfish, [...]

DELUXE Cover Reveal!

I don't have a lot to say, so I'm going to let the art speak for itself! Cover Art by Amelia Buff, who can be found here! Joy's Summer Love Playlist Deluxe Edition releases July 3rd, 2021! Stay tuned for information on the upcoming pre-order special! For now, you can add the book to your [...]

The Meme Team

Did you hear???? Joy's Summer Love Playlist Deluxe is coming out July 3rd! WOOHOO! You can add it to your Goodreads TBR here! And don't forget!! May 14th is the JSLP Deluxe cover reveal day! Newsletter subscribers will be the first to get the cover a day ahead, so if you haven't subscribed yet, head [...]

How to get free books + support the authors

Hey there! I'm planning to make my ebook available for $0.99 from August 8th-31st! I also have signed misprints up for sale. Purchase here. Here is a PSA about reading pirated copies of ebooks----> DON'T! Did you know there are lots of ways you could potentially get your hands on a free book? It's true! [...]