Character Profiles from my Debut Novel + Book Cover!

GUYS. Joy's Summer Love Playlist has been edited and it's going into formatting as soon as I finish proofreading. OMGOMGOMG! Each step is as exciting as walking into Disneyland, like... it's awesome! Also, here is the GORGEOUS AND ADORABLE cover by artist Amelia Buff! She's such an amazing person, y'all. I could not be more [...]

Debut Novel Release Schedule

Joy's Summer Love Playlist is a sweet summertime love story set against songs that capture Joy's summer vibes. I wrote the first draft in March of 2019 in about 8 days, but the final product has deviated quite a lot, in a good way. I chose this book as my debut novel because it's ready [...]

The Second Short Story

Volume II of The Penrose Archival is out! The Blackblood's Hand is a story that follows Princess Krisita of Klazedor, and the men who pursue her hand in marriage. Here is a short synopsis: Princess Krisita has refused every man offered to her, apart from one. But Ilyar is a former slave, entirely unfit for [...]

Being obedient to courage

I've talked a lot about this subject in person and online, but here I go again: Failure. Why are we so afraid of it? Recently I was reading the Bible because it's like a Christian thing I guess, and I read the words "do not be afraid" less as encouragement and more as a command. [...]

A story for you

About a month ago, I had the idea to write the backstory for Zolithia as a series of short stories that I could give to anyone for free. Immediately, I began working on one that is referenced early in my novel. It's about the birth of a princess and a young boy desperate to protect [...]

A new endeavor

I've been talking about writing some free short stories so I can put my work out there. I am a writer, I promise! While blogging is a great way to get words published online, my heart is for creative writing. For some time, I've been at war with myself over what kind of blog I [...]

Where my story begins

I had just lost the love of my life to a distance felt in miles and hours and overuse of cell phone minutes... And suddenly you just know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings. — Meister Eckhart I was a doe-eyed, broken-hearted teenager, and then I started to dream [...]