The Second Short Story

Volume II of The Penrose Archival is out! The Blackblood's Hand is a story that follows Princess Krisita of Klazedor, and the men who pursue her hand in marriage. Here is a short synopsis: Princess Krisita has refused every man offered to her, apart from one. But Ilyar is a former slave, entirely unfit for [...]

Being obedient to courage

I've talked a lot about this subject in person and online, but here I go again: Failure. Why are we so afraid of it? Recently I was reading the Bible because it's like a Christian thing I guess, and I read the words "do not be afraid" less as encouragement and more as a command. [...]

A story for you

About a month ago, I had the idea to write the backstory for Zolithia as a series of short stories that I could give to anyone for free. Immediately, I began working on one that is referenced early in my novel. It's about the birth of a princess and a young boy desperate to protect [...]

A new endeavor

I've been talking about writing some free short stories so I can put my work out there. I am a writer, I promise! While blogging is a great way to get words published online, my heart is for creative writing. For some time, I've been at war with myself over what kind of blog I [...]

Where my story begins

I had just lost the love of my life to a distance felt in miles and hours and overuse of cell phone minutes... And suddenly you just know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings. — Meister Eckhart I was a doe-eyed, broken-hearted teenager, and then I started to dream [...]