Debut Novel Release Schedule

Joy’s Summer Love Playlist is a sweet summertime love story set against songs that capture Joy’s summer vibes.

I wrote the first draft in March of 2019 in about 8 days, but the final product has deviated quite a lot, in a good way. I chose this book as my debut novel because it’s ready and it’s almost summer! Also, it’s basically a fictional diary of my teenage life.

Now that I’ve settled the major details, I’m able to share my plans for the release schedule!

First things first. The official release date is: June 20th, 2020!

Okay, now here’s the fun stuff!

April 30th – April Newsletter featuring a Cover Reveal!! Sign up if you haven’t yet!

May 2nd – Character profiles & theme songs

May 9th – ??? Surprise announcement

May 16th – ARC giveaway

May 20th – Pre-Orders available

June 6th – My birthday!! AND a 2-week Instagram challenge #SummerBooksMusicChallenge

June 13th – Live reading of Chapter 1 on Instagram

June 20th – RELEASE DAY!!!

I’ll have more in store after the release, of course, but I’m super excited to share all this fun stuff with you! What are you usually most excited for before a book is officially released?

Until next time!